Girls, Why are we awkward around each other?

Without being aware of who she was. I followed a girl who I see at my gym, sometimes people look like different on social media. Maybe because of eye liner. we are also from the same hometown and study in the same city. We followed each other on social media (Instagram)

I thought she was really pretty but I didn’t message her for weeks after adding. I didn’t realise she was the same girl who goes to my gym. But I noticed at the gym she made more eye contact and look more and keep doors open and stuff for me.

I didn’t know it was the same girl because she looks different In person until after I sent this message. One time She posted a story about being on a walk. So I took a chance and reacted to the post, then she liked it.

I didn’t expect her to respond but she did. The conversation when like this

Me: “Sunday walks are the best , is it Peak District?”
Her: yessss , it is indeed x”
Me: sounds good , was it far to walk, it gets so dark early now x”
Her: nah it’s only down the road , yeah I know it’s really bad 🙁x”

I looked at her photos and realised it’s the girl I have seen often in the gym... then a few days later out of nowhere I see her in a store with her friend. I felt really shy and nervous to bump into her. And I think she was me aswell. But then we accidentally bumped into each other and we couldn’t make eye contact and I was awkward and let her go first. The. Her friend knocked stuff off the shelf’s. The I notice after I left she started spying on my social media?
I do like her , but why didn’t she say hi or make eye contact? Then after stalk my social media?
Girls, Why are we awkward around each other?
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