Am I wrong for feeling this way?

My boyfriend and but it turned out he has still been going around his ex and messaging other women. I told him that I wasn’t gonna share him or compete to be with him no matter how much I love him and if he feels he’s not ready to be with me and only me we might as well end things and that was hard for me to say and do but I have to respect and love myself more than I love him and his response was “So you’re just gonna leave me like all these other h*** that I’ve been with?” We stopped communicating for a few days I even blocked him to make things easier, even though it didn’t but it made me less tempted to text him or call etc some days go by and I got a call from a unknown number and it turned out to be him and he’s asking me why I blocked him? Saying me blocking him drove him crazy. Asking me to come over etc so he had me assuming he made a choice to be committed and leave the other women alone so I accepted his invitation, went over his house just for him to get a call from another woman and he answered in front of me. Of course I said something to him about it and he goes “ We’re both single right? You broke up with me. I don’t have time to play with anyone’s daughter. I have other options.” And that he can’t help that he’s still in his “hoe phase” and while I was over there whenever I texted someone he got all tight and upset wondering who it was I was texting. Even though it wasn’t another guy, he acts as if I wouldn’t be doing exactly what he’s doing to me. This time, I ended up leaving his house but before leaving I told him it’s no need for us to still communicate after a break up. We’re both just gonna end up hurt and that I know he isn’t emotionally ready for a relationship or ready to commit and that I want to be there for him because he goes through a lot but I can’t do that while he hurts me and give other women the same time and attention he gives me because I would never do that to him. This time I blocked him and plan on keeping it this way.
1 y
*My boyfriend and I were together for months

What it’s suppose to say.
Am I wrong for feeling this way?
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