Help Me Please?

I am truly hurt and my heart is in pain.
Sometimes I cry randomly because I can't help it.
Give me an advice or tell me what should I do.
How do I stop loving a man who doesn't love me anymore, who is living his life like nothing happen.
I wish for ones in his life time the he could be honest and just tell me he has someone, so I can move on and stop thinking the there's hope. We been together for years we have a child and I left him a month ago,
It's going to two months pretty soon. Last text I send him was a week ago and sense then he hasn't even try to reach me at least to see or talk to our child.
There's absolutely no excuse for him not to.
How can I make the pain stop, how can I make my heart my brain understand to stop thinking and loving him. I feel more lonely then ever. I'm tire of moving around and not been stable.
I have a broken family. I'm in pain, I'm in so much pain. Nobody to talk or let my emotions out.
I even move out of the state because of the things he did to me. But for him it's never a big deal.
I'm so lonely.
Like right now is a Saturday night 7:00 pm not so late still haven't heard nothing from him.
His probably with her.
Then he keeps lying the he loves me, he has a very nice way of showing it.
I really wish he could have courage and be sincere.
Like that we both can move on because even if he already has someone and doesn't wanna tell me,
I will never take our child from him because our child loves him so much and I wouldn't want my child go through the pain I'm going through.
Give me an advice a sincere advice as a true friend as a sincere person.
For the first time in my life I'm asking advice to random strangers...
Help me.
Pull me out of this depression.
I'm lost and sometimes I don't know what to do anymore.
Help Me Please?
Help Me Please?
Help Me Please?
Help Me Please?
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