Does this seem like a bunch of BS to you?

So, 9 months ago, I ran into a guy I knew of years ago. He started flirting and we ended up casually seeing each other a couple times a month. Well, my best friend who also knows him because he turned out to be her ex husbands cousin, saw him a few nights ago with some woman who introduced herself as his 4 months pregnant girl friend. This guy was definitely leading me on. I tried to keep it casual. He started texting me during the day time getting more personal. Showing up at my job just to see me. Asking me next time I go out to eat with my daughter would I invite him. Things like that. When my friend called to tell me that she saw him with this chick, I text him and say congrats on the baby I love and care about you so you don’t have to worry about me starting drama in your life, I’m glad I got to know you take care. You know, Letting him know when a nice way that it’s over. This was his response :
1 I would never even try to hurt your feelings
2 you’re a wonderful person inside and out
3 I was gonna tell you but I didn’t want to do it in a message but I only see you every now and again, but still that’s on me
4 thanks for loving me and caring for me those feelings are absolutely mutual
5 you’re an amazing woman and you’ll make some one a fantastic mate
6❤️ I’m always here if you need me
I took this as yeah you’re great and all but not good enough for me. I’m just gonna keep the lines of communication open in case you change your mind and want to have sex with me again. I’m not gonna lie I am heartbroken I really did like him a whole lot. He was always very sweet to me and now I can’t help but feel like it was all just fucking lies.
Does this seem like a bunch of BS to you?
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