Girls, Why didn’t she add me back or open my message?

Originally asked if she could help in store. took the opportunity to ask her to pick her favourite male perfume. , I ask which is her favourite out of them. I said I have to get it now” , she thought it was funny.

would visit often as I live around the corner for university , everytime I walked in though She would always have a smile on her face, then she would try and hide it if she saw me looking. But could see her failing when I started to smile too. She also would look around people to see if it’s me on other occasions. If she thought she saw me.

this went on for about a year. She would always stare , and look me when I’m not looking. But up close she would look away quickly or look cold. I was also kinda nervous too so would avoid eye contact.

However, she started my gym with her friend. She kept staring at me and I look back too. I could see her talking about me to her friend because her friend kept smiling at her and looking at me. Everytime I walked in , her friend would tell her I am around. If I walk near she start smiling to herself again. And trying to hide it if I can see.

Once I asked if she was finished with a weight. when I walked off she and her friend kept giggling which made me shy. Then again she overheard me talk to my friend about her saying I feel weird to talk to her and she kept smiling to herself and looking at me.

i haven’t seen her for 7 months, I found her Instagram. I haven’t added her but been watching her posts every now and then. It says who viewed them so I think she knows I am doing it. But I also looked on her LinkedIn and then I got an email recently saying she looked at mine. Isit likely she liked me? Does she still do or does she think I’m judging her now? And when I viewed her LinkedIn
Girls, Why didn’t she add me back or open my message?
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