Was I Wrong Not To Tell His Wife He Was a Serial Cheater?

My friend is a serial cheater. He is extremely manipulative, sleeps with loads of women, and basically has no boundaries to what he will say/do to get what he wants. He got divorced last year after his wife couldn't bear him anymore, and she had only stayed with him because they had a kid together. The poor woman was traumatised because he was cheating on her with different women for years and years, and they had been high school sweethearts.

After the divorce he felt very lonely living alone, and he was desperate to find someone and get married. Before he met his 2nd wife, he was sleeping around and just before their wedding night he was also sleeping with another woman. He told me about all of this and I warned him that it was wrong, but he promised me that he would stop after their wedding.

*Surprise surprise*, he didn't stop. And actually, his new wife found out and filed to divorce him the next day. She is traumatised and broken and he is also very heartbroken... I don't understand his logic. I saw him yesterday and he was extremely depressed... but why cheat?

Was I wrong not to have warned her? I stayed quiet because I didn't want to get myself in trouble, but I can't help but feel guilty now...
7 mo
Just to clarify: I feel guilty now because they’ve broken up and she’s devastated and very upset that nobody warned her about his cheating patterns.
I also considered him a “friend” because I’ve known him for as long as I can remember and through family. Speaking up would’ve had implications with mine and his family too.
7 mo
They got back together!!! Lol I’m glad I didn’t intrude now... probably would’ve gotten blamed somehow.
Was I Wrong Not To Tell His Wife He Was a Serial Cheater?
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