Do you like becoming strangers again or becoming enemies with exes?

Seeing my ex and walking away and never hearing the “I’m sorry” that I thought I deserved was a moment of realization. We were strangers all over again. It was weird because I had always felt like I had unfinished business with him and then that one moment showed me that I didn’t even realize how finished we were with each other. I was over him because I didn’t even know him anymore. I thought that I didn’t know him when he betrayed me years ago, when I felt like I was in love with a stranger. But the guy I saw that day at the store a few weeks ago was the real stranger. I didn’t know anything about him even though I knew everything about him. If it was supposed to hurt it didn’t. Realizing that we had become strangers sucked, but it sucked in the way that it sucks to know that you have to die one day... what can you do? You just accept it and let it haunt you without being scary because it’s a part of life-and now I was seeing that becoming strangers with the first boy I had ever loved was also a part of my life. It’s that moment it seemed to me like starting a conversation or even looking at him would be just as strange as if it were with somebody I never met. I didn’t feel like I even had a right to say hi, so I could kiss that fantasy of receiving an apology goodbye. I never thought it would end like that. Like nothing. But it seemed just a small step up from becoming enemies
Do you like becoming strangers again or becoming enemies with exes?
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