My ex keeps calling me after she is with her dream boy?

Long story short, me and my ex broke up 5 months ago because she cheated on me with her ex and just a month ago we started to see eachother and have sex but no relation ship and after some time she told me she isn't feeling well to have sex with me because she misses her ex and wants to go back and doesn't want to keep contact together anymore so i said ok and now after a week she keeps calling me for bs questions like how are you and blabla and that she is together again with her ex and that she is happy so i said ok nice for you and hang up the phone.. today 3 days later she calls me again that she just came home from her ex house and asked me stupid question again about memberships in fitnesss i dont get it what she wants i really beginning to hate her and think that she is trying to make me jealous but why would she? I wanted her but she chose him so why keep calling me and saying that she expected ke to stay friends with her and i even told her dont ever call me again and still she does it? Wtf is her problem
My ex keeps calling me after she is with her dream boy?
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