My ex of 1 year and I broke up a few days ago and he's blocked me on everything, but I might be pregnant. What should I do?

First thing first, he's still married but has been separated from her from 4 years. He's been trying to divorce her but she refuses to sign papers for noncontested divorce and he knows a regular divorce will cost a lot of money. But he said he would start the process next year. Anyway we met, fell in love and he asked me to move and come live with him hundreds of miles away from my home. He gave up his job as well to come start a life and family with me. He was the only one who had a job while we were together, as its been hard for me to find one.
After a few months of happiness and a few more fights I broke up with him off/on bc he kept being mean to me. I would try to leave him but always come back, because I loved him. Then one night we got in a big fight and he hit me. His niece was in the car with us. He literally kicked me out of the car in the middle of nowhere and I had to call his brother to pick me up. But when I called his brother, he decided to take me home but yelled and called me names the whole way. He broke up with me, and said I was toxic and not good for him bc I "make him act like that", but I told him I was going to do better and he gave me another chance.
Our last fight he broke up with me after I misguidedly accused him of being jealous that I got a job. That was the final straw for him. Whenever I tried to apologize in person or text he ignored me and told me to get out of his office each time. He said I was a terrible person with an ugly personality. He didn't want to talk at all. Eventually he said that I didn't meet his standards and that he's married and this wasn't a real relationship. That was it for me and I told him I was leaving. When I tried to get my stuff out of his office he tried to shut me out and then strangled me. I kept screaming let me get my stuff, so then he left and told me to have all my shit out by the time he was back.

Yesterday learned I'm pregnant, but I'm blocked on everything. I know he won't want it, but I do.
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Most of our relationship my ex has been angry and violent towards me but we both wanted to get married and start a family and we were even saving to buy a house together. He had an abusive childhood, so it wasn't his fault. I know now that he really did love me.
Ironically our last fight before we broke up he yelled that he was happy he didn't get me pregnant. But now we're broken and here I am pregnant and he doesn't know. He's blocked me on instagram, and my phone number.
My ex of 1 year and I broke up a few days ago and he's blocked me on everything, but I might be pregnant. What should I do?
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