Just had breakup sex?

Me and my (ex?) Girlfriend just had breakup sex. Things have been difficult in the past couple of months for us. She decided that she no longer has the same feelings she has for me. For the past month its felt like we've been on the edge of breaking up but neither of us had completely pulled the trigger. Neither of us has cheated I know this for certain. Personally I want to salvage the relationship. We've been together for 2 years. I do truly believe I love her. Well she came over tonight and we got food. As we got back to my apartment she started acting rude. And this pissed me off. I told her to f*ck off and leave me alone. 2 minutes later she's calling apologizing. Keep in mind she's the one who truly wanted to end things in the 1st place. I let her in my apt. We talked for about an hr and discussed whats not working. As she was about to leave she looked at me and said you wanna have sex one last time? I grabbed her and we litterally had the best sex we have ever had in the past 2 years. I walked her to her car, gave her a hug and said bye. This is a mindfuck. I dont want things to end. Is this it? Is there any chance you think she may come around and try to make things work? She claims she's lost feelings for me, but she loved me at one point. Talk about a mindfxck.
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Just had breakup sex?
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