Am I a bad person for staying friends with my ex's friends?

Okay, so some time around 2 years ago, I first met my boyfriend. I became friends with him through one of my best friends, we can call her Sam. At the time, a lot of people in my group of friends were pretty toxic, and I really needed some new friends. I started hanging out with Sam and her new group of friends more and more, becoming much closer to one of the boys, let's call him Theo. Over the course of a year, Theo and I started to have feelings for each other. Being an awkward teenage girl, I decided the best way to spend time with him was to hang out with this new group of friends. After nearly a year, we started dating, and Theo's friends were my friends too. It's important to note, Theo is a super bad communicator. He doesn't have social media, and never really texts our friends. With covid, his lack of communication started to get to me and my anxiety. We had a rough breakup, nearly getting back together, then deciding to just be friends before I finally cut off all contact a few months ago. After we first ended, I was still hanging out with these friends, and quite often, we would forget to invite him unless I made sure to text him. He refused to get Insta, meaning he was never in any of our group chats where we would plan these outings. Now that I've stopped pretending to want to stay friends with him, I never text him, I don't bring him up, and Sam is the only one who really ever mentions inviting him places. And when she does, it's always just about how we should bring him next time, but we never actually do. I feel a little like I may have stolen all his friends from him. I know they still like him, but I think that because I was willing to actually talk and initiate get togethers even after the breakup, instead of waiting for others to do so like Theo, they just chose to talk to me more often. Am I a bad person for being a little bit happy that I get to stay friends with my friends without him? I want him to be happy but don't want to lose my friends.
Am I a bad person for staying friends with my ex's friends?
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