Should I block her/unfriend her. Am I a dick?

Dated this girl for a few months. Ended up ending it with her because I found someone else (online). We agreed to stay friends and we have been following each other on social media (Facebook, insta, snap) ever since the break up. The break up was really smooth and she took it surprisingly very well. She was really mature about it.

Well, anyways, I was her “first” and still feel like a piece of shit for ending it so suddenly. I’m dating this other girl and she is amazing. We’re official now. The problem is, the girl that I dated before is dating this other guy and posting him on social media and I want to ask her how she is. I am genuinely curious to know if he is treating her right. I know it’s non of my business but I am curious.

I don’t even know why we decided it stay friends on social media. Should I just block her and let her get on with life? Is that a dick move? I already dumped her, but I doubt that she will block me on social media... I just have been thinking about her ever since she started posting pics of her and this guy.
Should I block her/unfriend her. Am I a dick?
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