I need some advice... do I give up? Move on? Give space... ?

So.. my partner and I have been together since we were in high school... off and on a bit... then we had kids... fought hard but loved harder... he’s my best friend but since our dog who we had since we were teens passed a few months ago he’s been going through something and Dosent communicate with me... he’s been getting angry and expressed he can’t control it and not sure what to do he shuts down and yes I’ve pushed him away a bit but... I fucking love him with everything I have... we had a great Christmas but we got into a argument that was heated right after New Years he shut down completely... and I’ve asked him / begged him to just give me clarification if he wants to work on things or for me to just let go and move on... he beats around the bush and says stuff like I love you more than anything but will we ever get better... I’m scared we’ll never get better... how much of us is left... do i let go? Or continue to try to be there for him... I’m pretty sure his lack of communication and those responses to my one single question means he’s done... just need some thoughts... he still has us being in a 16 year relationship on fb and still has me as his profile pic on fb and still calls me the wife to people but is compeltly isolating and ignoring my questions... I’m quite hurt
I need some advice... do I give up? Move on? Give space... ?
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