My ex befriended them on instagram?

Hey. My ex broke up with me, and right after our break, not even a day went by, when he started adding girls (even his exes!) that I asked him, while together, to remove them.
Note, I'm not some psycho toxic girlfriend, both of them really, told him directly that they like him and would like to sleep with him, (separately) , one of them asked him to come to her place... according to him, the reason for a break up was some other thing, but now this really just kills me.
Did he actually broke up because he was thirsty of other girls? Was he ever in a contact with them?
Those are all the questions I ask myself, and it just kills me, I can't stop thinking about it.
What do you think, were those other women reason of a break up?
My ex befriended them on instagram?
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