How do you or did you deal with an angry partner?

I've come to the understanding that my ex was really angry with me. He came from poverty and moved here aged 15. He struggled to settle here and ended up in young offenders. When we met he was changing his life. I tried to be patient but by being with me a person he thinks coming from a successful family (we're not were normal) he thought he had access to some kind of wealth like we have a money tree in the garden. I was generous and kind. If I could help him I would but I realised in return he didn't actually care for me. It was always about the money, so when I stopped helping him to see him contribute to us, he got angry.
I have worked hard to keep a roof over my head without handouts and buying furniture on my own, maintain my way in life. But he begrudged me for all of that. Simple things like asking him for help around the flat when he moved in was meet with contempt. He has a mindset that I'm the woman of the house and he's the man! I might not have minded if he held up his end of the finances. When he started to earn more he started to spend more on himself and made excuses as to why he couldn't help.
So we lead separate lives until well I stopped loving him.
I realise when he returned it was to show me how successful he is now and how better he is than me for not giving up and it was worth something in the end. But he failed to realise that whilst he and I were together I didn't end things for his struggle I ended it simply because he attacked me constantly. He was irritated simply because I took a regular job which gave me a steady income despite the mental stress... I understand being an entrepreneur is hard work and it can take many years before you reap the rewards. He forgot how to be kind.
I would have stayed if he at least showed he cared but he was only ever thinking about himself.
I see now that his anger was out of frustration and jealousy. Which I felt unwarranted when I had at times given him my last. My requests of him were always small.
How do you or did you deal with an angry partner?
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