Girls, I screwed up for the last time?

Me and my wife were together for 4 years then split for 4 months and she filed for divorce. We both did our own thing. I she called me one night and we hooked back up. We both decided to break off our affairs. Then a incedent took place and I got into it with her brothers she said she wanted space. During the 2 days of space I called the girl I was seeing before we got back together. We hung out for two nights. The first night we just chatted. The second night we kissed it was awkward. Then I broke it off with her the next day completly. I finally told her I was getting back with my wife. I lied to my wife about what happened. I finally told her but I left out the kissing. So I gave her the other girls info and said you can get a hold of her. She found out we kissed. Now she says leave me alone and only contact me about the kids and blocked me from everything. She said this was my last chance and she has closure now. Is there any hope after I completly destroyed her feelings and betrayed her. How can I get her back?
6 mo
Should I move on or keep fighting
Girls, I screwed up for the last time?
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