Ex still angry at me. GUYS - why is he doing this?

My ex boyfriend accused me of a lot of terrible things after we broke out of anger, even though I had clearly done nothing wrong. He broke up with ME if that helps.

So with that, he's still angry at me, talks sh*t about me, flips out when he sees me, makes a scene in front of my face so, I have to watch him. He doesn't let his friends talk to me, even though they are my friends too, and yells at them when they do.

He's supposed to hate me, thus I expect him to avoid me. Instead, I was parked in the same spot for several hours and he drove past me 7 different times, drove past my house (which he does very often) and then passed me again on the street.

Why is he doing this?


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  • He is doing this well because he's still mad at whatever he says you did. I won't say you did something because obviously I don't know. But maybe for whatever reason he doesn't think you understand yet, so he's doing everything he possibly can to annoy/get your attention.

    I will say that him driving by you 7 times, is him waiting for your answer to say I get it your still mad or whatever (something along those lines), maybe you think you did nothing, but as I said before, I obviously don't know.

    Him driving by your house is stretching it, and sounds very stalkish, which is overboard to try to get you to admit to something.


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