Should we keep the child's biological father in their lives?

I grew up without my father being in my life and I remember being very emotional and angry with him at the time.

Years later I found out that he needs W has a woman and has three kingdoms D's by her. I'm only getting to know my sister and she tells me that he is an amazing Father. I now realise that my mother was the one who kept me away from him all this time. I lost out on so much. I mean I have two amazing sisters who I'm getting to know. And I'm starting to have a little bind with my new baby brother. Who is Seven.
I missed out on their birthdays , chrismases new years celebrations.. thanks Givings.. all because my mother had been selfish.
I Made a personal decision that if My boyfriend and I ever broke up, that no matter how bad things are I will not keep the kids from him.
But as a modern female These are my options. "AMD THE POWER I HAVE IS VERY SCARY"
the options giving to by The Law
. if I was three months pregnant. i could do the following1. i could abort he a child even if he wants it. 2. i can give his child up for adoption even if he wants it. 3. I can break up with him and have him not see his child4. Heck I can even leave the country and have him. Not see his kid. I missjudged him.. And I owe him an apology.. But I'm not a bitch. I will not my anyone from a loving caring father
Men should be wise and stop breeding
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Should we keep the child's biological father in their lives?
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