Guys, Is this just being polite and am I just overthinking?

My ex and I had planned a trip when we were still together. Due to the pandemic, this was cancelled, and also due to the pandemic, strains were placed on our relationship and he broke up with me.
I feel as if I have been strong over the last week since it happened, and this forum has been especially helpful in boosting me when I've felt low. So I've been doing no-contact, but I am currently in the process of getting the money back for the trip (it was in my name). My ex and I had had a very brief conversation about this the day after we split (but purely about the trip, nothing to do with the breakup). I corresponded with the company we would be staying with and they said they would get the money back to me in 7 working days, this was on Monday. I didn't tell my ex this as I didn't want to break contact, I'd just contact him to ask for his bank details when I do have the money.
He messaged me today. His message said 'Hey hope you're all good! Did you ever hear back from the... people?' I responded and explained (briefly) the situation above, as well as mentioning that I was doing good and that I hoped he was well, and he replied with 'Okay nice one!' and I haven't responded to this and don't intend to.
I could be massively overthinking this, but I'm not sure if he maybe used the overhanging money situation as a bid to try and find out how I was doing? I am very confident that he knows I wouldn't withhold that money from him, I just haven't had it back yet. Like I said, could be overthinking it, but just wondered if he was perhaps surprised at the hiatus I've taken from contacting him and used this as a reason to find out how I was doing (like kill two birds with one stone kinda thing)? I'm aware that he could have just been being polite but wanted opinions! Apologies if this is a really stupid question!
Guys, Is this just being polite and am I just overthinking?
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