Why is my ex following 20+ of my friends on IG?

We ended 3 month ago. He blocked my personal account but knows I run an influencer account to empower women. His Instagram appeared and I decided to look at it, he follows 30+ of my friends from my influencer account. He follows 2000+ people and looks like 95% of them are women. When we dated, he rarely posted on social media and now he posted several times a day. Also, from the whole time we were together he only posted me once and now he’s been posting him with other girls. He moved states across the USA as well. This man is in his early 30s. I left him bc he was mentally abusive and a narcissist. Weeks before the breakup he got drunk and started crying on me bc he said he loved me and he has never found anyone as perfect and telling me his wedding plans. Days later, he started insulting me and my family, comparing me with his exes, and told me he was going back to his ex. I did so much for him, sacrificed my priorities for him several times a week, bought everything he wanted, had passwords to all my accounts. First time I tried to break up w/ him in person but he started crying. Second time (a month later) I did it through the phone and started crying again and begged me to not leave. Why is he checking my accounts and following so many of my girl friends? (Many of my friends I don’t know in person, they’re across the USA)
Why is my ex following 20+ of my friends on IG?
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