Will he ever come back?

I was dating the perfect man for me a year ago. He was the man of my dreams lit gave me butterflies. I would get so excited to see him it would take me a couple mins to settle down after I met up with him. But all and all We were happy. We were only together for like 6-7 months but we were happy. I thought. He broke up with me and said we were on a break because we got in a disagreement and I had a habit Of shutting down and say f it maybe you should just leave me. But I never meant it it was more insecurities. Then instead of giving him space I freaked calling crying consistently for like 6 months. I was heart broken. I still am. He completely ignored me. Blocked me and I spoke to him only 1 time after that. I’ve changed so much since he’s been gone. And I stopped calling it’s been like 3 months. But I miss him!! Am I crazy for thinking maybe hopefully he’ll give us another try? He really is the man I could see myself marrying. And I though he felt the same I mean he was wanting to meet my parents!!!
Will he ever come back?
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