When do you call it quits?

My boyfriend of a year has been super distant lately, a few weeks ago I’d found a chat of him communicating with another female, I confronted him and he admits his wrongs and assured me it was nothing more than texting. Still that really hurt me and my trust is broken, but I do still love the guy. We had some amazing times and now when we’re together I just feel a distance like something is different. The other night he was supposed to be working however wasn’t seen on his work phone all night til 7am the next morning where he then text me saying “goodnight” as if he hadn’t slept? A deep part of me believes he was with someone else (we had a big argument that day too). It’s been 2 days and he hasn’t even texted me to ask if I’m ok. I feel it’s time to cut ties but I just wanted to get some more insight on this.
When do you call it quits?
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