Was I wrong for what I did?

A few days ago while at my boyfriends house, we got into a small argument but he has issues controlling his anger so he ended up taking my phone, throwing it and breaking it into pieces. I don’t get paid again to get a new phone until tomorrow, so when he did it I couldn’t off back afford another phone and he couldn’t either. He’s Laid off right now so when I left the next morning for work, I left with no phone. When I got off I went home to my house I had to switch to my older iPhone 5s. Doesn’t hold a charge. Hangs up on people. Phone gets too hot Etc and he broke an expensive IPhone XS Max. When I left his house to go to work that morning, I told him I would come back over Wednesday. Since I knew today would be my off day but after saying that I realized I needed to get a new phone Thursday when I got paid and I didn’t want to leave my house and go back to his and stay for days like I usually do and not have a decent working phone because anything could happen so when I told him I would come after I get my new phone and not today he starts to tell about how he can’t trust me and how I don’t keep my promise and that he has had had to sleep alone without me for a few days airway and that I’m saying forget our relationship and that I’m choosing a phone over him and our relationship. He just really over exaggerated the situation. All I did was change plans. Plans I wouldn’t have had to change had he not broke my phone.
Was I wrong for what I did?
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