Mixed signals from my ex-girlfriend about catching up?

(I'm male - wrong gender accidentally) I broke up with my ex girlfriend in November 2020. For the most part since we broke up, she's been the one initiating contact etc. She's been very hurt and I can tell she wants to be with me. However, at the end of Feb, she suggested we catch up. Normally she's jumping at any chance for a phone call as I didn't understand one of her messages so I suggested we could call and she said it wasn't necessary. So a few days later I say I'm happy with catching up next week, date and time to be announced with a question mark. She liked the message but didn't respond. So a week later I sent a morning text and asked if we'll be catching up. She said next week looks busy but possibly the following, I said great, for her to let me know an evening that suits. She never did that, she didn't respond for 2 weeks so I reached out again. We then finally agreed on a day and I said it would be good to clear the air, her reply was quite short and then she said that it feels like I'm just wanting to catch up with her to free myself from guilt. That we should only catch up in the future if we both, but especially I want to be back together. Told me that she doesn't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with her and that I unilaterally choose whether she wants to be in my life or not. I said I understood and wished her all the best, she replied the next day saying she just felt scared once I suggested we clear the air and she didn't want to talk about us.

I apologised, I haven't heard anything back. That was last night.
Mixed signals from my ex-girlfriend about catching up?
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