How do I “Break up” with someone I’m not official with, without being a jerk?

I met this guy on Hinge 5 months ago and we hit it off at first but because of school and the pandemic we kept putting off even discussing meeting up at all. We had some nice in depth conversations at first, started sexting on and off after like 3 days and I was very excited and attracted to him for a while.

But you know how the girl tends to break up with the guy in her mind months before she actually does it? I kinda stopped feeling anything for him back in January. But I was still hoping that maybe we would meet up and date etc.

We talk on snapchat every day but it’s more like a choppy conversation where we both don’t open and respond for hours at a time (we’re both seniors in college, it happens). I think we definitely waited wayyy to long to define what we are, and it’s like we’re in talking stage purgatory.

Today was kinda the last straw for me when he randomly sent me a dick pic in casual conversation in the middle of the day while I was in my online class. Like dicks are not attractive if the girl isn’t horny in that moment and I was so repulsed, and not in the mood or right time to send anything back so I just ignored it and then hours later I snapped him back and just didn’t really address it. I feel he may know that I lost interest cuz I feel he’s like aggressively pandering to get me to stay into him or keep me interested but there’s no spark there. Like when we do have a conversation he’s very intelligent, and I do find him very handsome but I just don’t feel attracted to him anymore and I’m growing bored of this situation-ship routine. But I feel I’m in too deep I don’t want to ghost him, and I’ve never been in a relationship to know the proper way to break up with him.

We never hung out or hooked up irl, it’s all been online and over the phone. And we face-timed ONCE on New Years. Like I know it seems simple to just break things off but I’m wracking my brain on the best and nicest way to do it.
How do I “Break up” with someone I’m not official with, without being a jerk?
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