Guys, Reasons for ignoring?

My ex broke up with me over a month ago when I was away from the area we both live in. The breakup was sudden and he didn't communicate that he was having any issues with our relationship, I just observed some distant behaviour for about a week prior to it. We were together for nearly 3 months and talking for 2 (we met online). His reasons for the breakup were cliche (not you, it's me, I want to work on myself, I just don't feel the same, etc.)
I have recently relocated back to my area. Moving back to the area and living alone, I experienced some quite bad anxiety about what could happen with this, as we haven't discussed the breakup in over a month (apart from having to sort out an exchange of money, we haven't spoken about it at all, so basically no contact). I had some of his stuff in my flat, so I sent a text saying 'Hi, hope you're ok :) I have your... in my flat. Just wondered if you wanted to come and get it and if you fancied a chat?' I wanted to get some sort of answers and just have a face to face discussion, given that it had played out over phone/text. I sent that text a week ago and he hasn't responded. He was always very responsive in our relationship, never had any issues with texting or phonecalls. I sent it on Whatsapp and he hasn't even opened the message to confirm it as read.
I know the saying that 'no response is a response', and can completely understand where people are coming from by saying that he's not responding because he wants to/has moved on. I just wonder if there are any reasons why this may have been ignored totally? Even if he didn't want to respond about the chat, couldn't he have at least given me some sort of answer about the stuff?
Guys, Reasons for ignoring?
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