How Do I Leave this Relationship When I Fell for Him?

I finally found out the whole truth about my “relationship”. So I was right when I took at guess at what he was after. I’m not a girlfriend. Friends with benefits doesn’t even come close. He just told me he’s poly and not only that, but that I’m girl number 4 and I don’t mean in a row. I mean I’m one of four he’s with right now and the hierarchy is obvious (I know I’m near the bottom). I only found this out because the girl he was with before me, when we started to casually “date”, recently tested positive for HPV.

I’m just confused because the “relationship” itself has been the best one I’ve been in so far. At first it was like a miracle. He was a gentleman, he waited for about four months to ask about sex, he didn’t make me feel bad about my body (until recently) and he’s been very supportive towards my career goals and such. He also hasn’t cheated in the traditional sense, but it almost feels worse. To be one of four girls and also to know I’m definitely not a priority... I’m frustrated. To add to that, I know I’m definitely not the prettiest of girls he’s with. Sometimes I look through his friends list and notice that and just feel absolutely awful. Like maybe this is why I get stuck with guys like this. I dunno. I’m just done. Working up the courage to tell him to fuck off and find someone else to be the bottom of your list. Which is weird because I’ve always been the one to break off relationships and this one’s been really hard to leave.
How Do I Leave this Relationship When I Fell for Him?
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