Should I text my ex?

This came out longer than I thought I'm sorry.

My boyfriend and I broke up very recently, that is two say it's not even been two days. There were no nasty words or fights, we broke up because of the results of long distance; we were dating for 16 months and 1 year of it was long distance. I've been back home from uni for a year and I guess I'll go back to uni in 6-7 months and stay for 1 year before going back to my city. I guess we both felt like there were some problems arising when we wouldn't see each other for long. But our breakup was very tame and we didn't really talk about any problems. I just think we've made a mistake since I loved him very much and we were very good together, very little fights and no insults or anything, it was a very respectful relationship. When we were breaking up he suggested we take a break instead and think but I dismissed it and said it wasn't a good idea. I said that I didn't see much future because we never really talked about it and then we talked real breakup. I have a few concerns like the future situation and the fact that I'm more verbally affectionate than him but I can't help thinking I'll regret this because he's genuinely a good guy who's compatible with me. Should I text him and ask him to talk about us and maybe get back together or at least get closure?
Should I text my ex?
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