How dumb is my ex?

So me and my ex broke up a 4 or 5 years ago (yep, kids) and I assume he still has hopes to get back together (all this time to now). Meanwhile he had a girlfriend for 1 or 2 years but they recently broke up. Maybe that's why he tried to text me and here it is: first - emojis, on the next day he typed "hey", then after that day "I need your attention for a little" (the f this supposed to mean tho?), one day after I replied "What". He decided to make me wait for about 5 hours that's why I neither answered him nor even seen the message he sent me (the games are for two). Almost a day after I seen him. He was asking about my number (come on, he can have my number if he wants to even without asking me for it). I typed "Say what you wanna say here" (I meant in the chat). And now, a 4 hours later, he replied me with "To ask for a forgiveness it's a *our feast where people ask for a forgiveness eachother* , isn't it" and "Jk I needed you for an English exam". That's the dumbest shit I've recently heard like for real.. How can you say something like that wtf.. I just seen him, I won't answer that shit.

P. s He hasn't chances with me I am just friendly, maybe more friendly and nicer I should be especially with an ex

P. s2 prehistory: I have blocked his old account when we broke up. Since then I still haven't him on any social media, tbh and I don't want to.
How dumb is my ex?
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