Help, Should I tell him?

Ok, so my husband left me about 2 weeks ago for someone else. He left me to tell 4 children what their father did. An adopted 3 year old girl. An 8 year old son. A 13 and 16 year old daughters. The 13 and 16 miss their father and understand but are mad because of what he did to me. The 3 year old just misses daddy and wants to know where he went but doesn't understand. My 8 year old son believes his father is coming back and lied about leaving me for someone else. I have been a wreck and holding together for my children. My brother and mother have been pushing their plans aside to help me. This last month I have gained a few pounds but thought nothing of it. Well, I have had morning sickness for a while now. I went to the doctor and found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I want to tell my ex-husband. But should i really let him be a part of this child's life if he wants to or should I file for FULL custody of ALL my children. If i file for full custody and get it I will still let my children see their father since they know him and the older 3 are old enough to remember him but should I let the child I am carrying now see him? Please, help me.
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All I am asking is when the baby I am carrying is born, Should I let it's father (my ex-husband) be around it?
Help, Should I tell him?
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