Should I contact him for closure?


I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years 2 weeks ago and we haven’t talked since. He has talked to some of our mutual friends about me , told them that he wants to be with me, but he has not even reached out or apologised for all the shit he put me through. He thinks I dumped him because he was in a bad place and he doesn’t even release how bad he treated me the last 2 months, how much I suffered trying to help him, only to get a literal fuck you in return. He kept saying he does not care for me, he took all his anger on me and only me. I got tired of feeling like shit and trying to help someone who does not want to change and does not see how he treats me and takes me for granted. This is why I dumped him, not because I stopped loving him or because he was going through something.

I know it was the right decision , but damn it hurts so much he never tried to contact me or to save our relationship. We left so many things unsaid and it’s killing me. I’ve always fought for him and our relationship and it’s so painful I never got the same thing in return.

I don’t feel like the dumper because I miss and love him still even though he treated me horribly. But I can’t tolerate someone who thinks it’s okay to victim blame and never take responsibility for your actions. You can’t expect change when you don’t try to change yourself. But I guess it’s always easier to be the victim than to take control of your life and actions
Should I contact him for closure?
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