Why won't she apologize?

So here is the question i have. I've been dating my girlfriend for a lot of time we are at the point of marriage. But due to Pandemic I've been struggling with money, time & ways to please her. I even went as low as on the side to work in construction for 25euro a day. So i can maintain some kind of steady balance and still isn't enough.

I am romantic i do everything for her. I cook for her! She can't cook & doesn't want too. I fix her car. I drive her to work, bring her launch i make myself to her work and pick her from work. And work like a mad horse. I travel long distances like 100km to work and back to our place we live. Took her on vacation cost me fortune. Only i know how hard has been to manage all that. Every argument we have i take the blame and apologies. I gift flowers/toys and whatever you see. Sex is great for her wants even more I'm tired.

So after all that considered I'm am a fool i know. But yet I've done everything in my power to keep her happy. So i went bankrupt before three months been struggling really hard. And our last conversation i was explaining how hard it is for me to comeback because i didn't have money anymore. And that i would love her to understand me and come and pick me up so i can get home. She basically straightforward told me if someone wants to be with another person they will find a way. And after that she told me Money Doesn't Grow on trees! I hanged up and never spoke to her again. Now i feel betrayed and toyed with i gave my all i deserve an apology at least don't i? I feel hurt and been struggling since then.

I'm well built, smart, can make money out of tin air if given the opportunity. I am handsome. Good lover and a caring person. I drive expensive car & I've been rebuilding my business since then. Yet i feel really hurt and I can't shake the thought to just go there and ask for answer why would you do this?

by the way I've dumped her after she told me money doesn't grow on trees.

So can anyone explain why?
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So why would you woman then go on the social media and cry that there aren't any perfect man out there? I'm so done with this. Next time i see a woman cry about this I'm remind her that you simply don't care about us man at all. I gave my all and to what end to be made a laughing stock? This all is true no lies this is my life i feel so bad 😭 and I'm never going to trust another woman in my life!
Why won't she apologize?
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