Why does he want to stay friends after our break up?

Just got out of a relationship and I've been wanting leave it on and off for a while now. He finally wanted to talk to break up. Which I figured when he started to distance himself about two weeks ago.

I don't know if he feels bad or not though. He seemed fine when he called me back today to check on me.

He hesitated so I told him what I knew he was doing and he admitted to wanting to end things. We've been arguing a lot and he says I accused him a lot. Yet his behavior was odd at times and it was hard at times. For some reason I still feel off now and it hurts even though i didn't really love him.

At first he said he wanted to take a break which i think was more for me. He said he loved me and that it hurts him. He also mentioned he didn't want to be alone but he felt like he needed this breakup. I was fine before him and now it might take me sometime to go back to being alone as well. I think we were seasonal people and we came into each other's lives at a needed moment.
Why does he want to stay friends after our break up?
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