Why has he done this after a year of no contact?

So I got into an online affair which lasted most of 2019 until my husband found out. I didn't tell the other guy I was married. Not trying to justify my behaviour in any way, but I'm in an emotionally abusive marriage and didn't intend for any of it to happen as we started out as just online friends but grew very close and it all spiralled where I found it impossible to tell the truth. We were at the point of arranging to meet in person and we both felt very strongly about each other, but when my husband found out, he messaged the other guy threatening him and warning him not to contact me. He never blocked me on Instagram but did stop following me and I've not heard anything from him since it all happened in January last year. Monday night I checked my Instagram and he'd liked a photo of my dog that I'd posted that day. I have really struggled to get over him and still have feelings for him and seeing this has really messed with my head as to why he's done this after so long? Should I ignore it in case he's just liked it accidentally? Should I message him? I'm in the process of working with a domestic violence charity to plan leaving my husband and I just feel like I didn't get the chance to explain why I lied to the other guy and can't help wondering what might have been if I'd been honest from the start. What should I do and do you think he wants to talk to me? Please help...
Why has he done this after a year of no contact?
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