Why do I feel like I'm circling with myself and somebody who is a manipulator?

I dated somebody who longer is in my life. He is filled with insecure problems. Yet was egotistical about himself. He freaked out on me when I didn't compliment him in a photo where he was just in his boxers, flexing. He used me for sex. I gave him all my time. He never got to know me, and he knows that. This guy has came back 3 times at me, yes.. 3 freakin' times. Ugh! The first and second time, he wanted to be friends with benefits. He recently came back actually trying to date me... all over again. Admitting where he felt like he never got to know me. Says how comfortable I make him. Proceeded to ask me if I took an STD test.. I was concerned why he asked such a thing. He goes on telling me how he thought I was having sex with other people. Just cause.. he was?

I stood my ground. He tried to be JUST friends, and I told him how much he doesn't deserve my existence. How much he triggers my anxiety. I live in little fear every time I get a notification of a friend request or message from somebody. I'd think it's him...
First time he messaged me after dropping me, I had an anxiety attack and CRIED. He's manipulative, and I for some reason know that. Yet, I still questioned another chance.

I found out once I blocked him and said what I said to him. About not deserving me and how he triggers my anxiety. I blocked him on a form of social media. He blocked me on another social media where I can't block him. I feel like he's gonna come back at that form of social media, and it triggers me! Just cause I can't block him.

I feel as if I'm circling myself into thinking I was the manipulator. That I'm at fault..
I've been working on self-love. Taking pictures of myself. Accepting I'm a good person who can't fix broken people. So forth.
3 mo
I feel super silly for seeking therapy over a guy. Lol.
I know that he knew himself... that he needs therapy. He's a recovering drug addict. I've helped him through so much reassurance. He has never helped me through anything. The times I've cried due to him putting me down. He never apologized. When he came back, I asked if I could have an apology due to him dropping me randomly. He never did. He told me he felt like he didn't feel the need to.
Why do I feel like I'm circling with myself and somebody who is a manipulator?
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