How do you get over cheating?

I broke up with my boyfriend after month and half of him being an asshole to me, taking out his frustration and depression on me, emotionally abusing me. 2 weeks after we broke it off, he reached out to me and seemed really changed. He apologised for everything, he took accountability, overall I missed him and forgave everything because I knew he was in a bad place. After starting to talk to him again, he apologised, things were going great and I really thought he had changed and I was ready to get back together.

But yesterday I get a call from his best girl friend and she asks me to go out and talk. Then she tells me he has told her he liked her while we where still together, before we broke up and also kissed her. Then they kissed one more time after we broke up. The thing is, she was not only his friend, we were close too.

And he never said these things to me. I had to find out he cheated on me from her.
I just can’t believe that after 5 year relationship, me giving and helping him with everything, the first time he gets depressed, does not know how to deal with it and does this thing.

I told him I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to forgive it. I’m just so fucking tired and I feel so under appreciated and used. I don’t get how can you be so selfish and emotionally fucked up to cheat on someone who has always been next to you.
How do you get over cheating?
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