Why is my ex boyfriend doing these things? What do you think about his behavior?

I am a 25 year old girl and have dated my boyfriend for 4 years. To give a backstory of the relationship, we started dating and he took me to nice restaurants, cute dates, and it was the most amazing connection I had ever felt. A while in to the relationship he went to NYC for vacation. He brought me back this fancy fur coat from Bloomingdales because he wanted me to have something nobody around here had. My parents saw it and forbade me from dating him since he was nothing but a “rich city boy” who would break my heart. Long story short, I agreed to see him behind their back because he didn’t want to give up on us and it was with the understanding I would tell them later. I was so scared to tell them because I was afraid I would get thrown out of the house. He stuck by me all these years and shows me unconditional love. A few months ago the girls at work wanted me to go out with this guy and I went on a date with him because I wanted to feel “free.” I don’t know how, but my boyfriend found out and confronted me. I lied to him and acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about until he gave me proof of it. I blocked him on everything because I felt like total crap  He waited for me all those years and I let me guard down and did this to him. He was devastated. He told the guy about us dating and even accepted my sisters friend request on Facebook that he always promised he wouldn’t do. Turns out, the guy I went out with was a player, sleazy, and no good, while my boyfriend was everything I ever dreamed of since I was little. Fast forward to this weekend, 4 months later. I had not heard from him all that time until he randomly showed up at my family’s house with a gumball machine (my favorite) that had a necklace in it, wanting to apologize for everything he did that weekend because he was afraid he was losing his whole world and he acted out of desperation. He had never acted that way before. My family still hates him. Is this creepy? Why would he do this?
Why is my ex boyfriend doing these things? What do you think about his behavior?
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