Will I ever be able to get over my ex?

Hey guys.
So, about 9 months ago my ex dumped me, and it was the most hurtful thing ever. Never mind that, the problem is that 9 mo later, I cannot get over him.
It may sound cliché, but I just can't. Sure, there are many guys I like, who I find sexy, beautiful, even wanna sleep with them, but then the reality hits me and I decline every single offer to go out, even for a drink.
I feel that I am still connected to him, I can daydream about some hot men, but in my heart is still my ex, and it ruines literally everything.
Is it always gonna be like this? Like, no possible way to get him out of my heart?
I heard that the first love never gets forgotten.
Will I ever be able to get over my ex?
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