Was leaving him the right choice?

We were together for about 9 months. We met at the beginning of last summer on the beach, when he asked me what book I was reading. We hit it off right away and began the best summer of our lives. We went on adventures camping, played music together, spent every minute we could with each other. As summer came to an end we would spend more time at his house, often just hanging out and watching movies and playing card games/board games together since there was a lockdown.
Everything was great until I started to get this sinking feeling that he wasn’t my forever person. There was just something missing and I couldn’t pin-point it. I loved him but wasn’t head over heels in-love like he was with me.
We had fun together, had stuff in common, enjoyed the same types of things for the most part. Both really loyal, and our trust was strong. I never once questioned his integrity and he never questioned mine. But once that feeling started, it didn’t leave. I tried to ignore it and sometimes ignoring it worked, but it got to a point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore, and I broke up with him.
Ever since I did that, I’ve been questioning things a lot. Afterall, our relationship was healthy and good.
Did I give up too easy?
Was leaving him the right choice?

should I let myself heal fully and take the time to move on?
Should I go back, and then if I STILL feel that feeling, then leave so that I know for sure?

Any advice is appreciated. I feel so lost. Thank you
1 y
So some other important things to add are that he didn’t really make me laugh, we disagreed on almost every single life or political topic, and by the end of our relationship I stopped looking forward to our time together. I didn’t feel like we actually connected in the way I would want to connect with my forever person.
Was leaving him the right choice?
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