I predicted my break up?

So about month ago before my ex broke up with me, I had a really weird dream. In that dream, he slept with this girl who I said I don't want her around him (because she literally admitted she wants to sleep with him) , he had lots of shots of alcohol (which irl I'm also not okay with, but that's because he was alco addict, long story), and also was using drugs (same reason) . I just brushed it off as a nightmare.
But, the thing is, at that time I wasn't worried about that girl, drugs nor the alcohol- those problems were long in the past, yet I dreamed about them. Long story short, month later, he did broke up with me, and he literally right away, the same day, slept with her, became an alcoholic and started using drugs again.
Was it subconscious mind trying to tell me something, give me a warning sign? I really don't see other answer, because those things weren't nowhere on my mind at that time.
What do you think, this just became interesting to me lol
I predicted my break up?
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