Move on or Try again?

I'm 21 my ex was 19 and we dated for a year. I loved her and I thought she loved me too until recently when she got a new job. she was at the job for 2 days started flirting with a new co worker she said she told him she had a boyfriend but she still gave him her number and she said one night she stayed on the phone with him all night while she was still in a relationship with me. long story short our relationship was prefect I was never abusive or clingy honestly i still can't figure out what i did to make her treat me like shit but she broke up with me after a year for the new guy that she barely knew for 2 whole days. I never contacted her after that again and fast forward to a month later, last Friday, she calls to "check up on me" i told her i doing good and that was trying out for this pro basketball league and she said she's proud of me. I kept the conversation short and told her I had to go. I still can't figure out why she called exactly especially since she was the one that broke up with me for someone else. a few days later i have to get a new phone number and one of my friends to me to call her just to let her know i got a new number which sounds like shitty advice but I still think about her so I don't know. if she really really wanted to contact me she can find me on social media even though I unadded her on everything. I just don't know what to do any advice or just opinions are welcomed
1 y
*I meant to say our relationship wasn't prefect*
Move on or Try again?
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