Ex texted me I love you after she broke up with me?

So my ex broke up with me recently after constantly questioning her.. I lost my trust for her after she cheated on me and I caught her. Most recently was with a man in jail. She claims it’s not really cheating because it’s an online thing and will never see the guy since he’s doing a long sentence. Since then she apologised and I forgave her. We moved on from that. I was loyal to her from day one and wanted something genuine until she hurt me. Fast forward to now few days since we broke up at first I was chasing her blowing her phone up and I quickly got over it decided it was best to cut off communication and stop annoying her. Few days after I found out she unblocked me off social media and she texted me at 5 am “I LOVE YOU” I was surprised but I replied back even though I was nervous and happy said I love you too. Now today we spent the day texting back and forth laughing brining up a few good times from the past. And I slipped in the question would she be interested in getting back together in the near future if everything works out between us. She replied back saying “I thought were just checking up on each other that’s just about it” “I don’t want to get back” I replied back saying that she’s the one who texted me saying I love you so I might misinterpreted that did I? She said well I felt bad for the way I was acting that was all I still care about you and all that. I replied back well I’m looking for something serious and I’m making my intentions clear don’t want to waste my time take care. Said I hope u find someone and that was that... what are your opinions should I stop pursuing her? Is she just mad at me still? I still love and care about this woman
Ex texted me I love you after she broke up with me?
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