In-law smart dig about my miscarriage?

If you passing through please read this I’d would really like advise.
I’m with my partner 9 years
his family took a disliking straight away.
My problem is that it’s never direct it’s double meaning pettiness, malicious smart comments when I’m caught off guard. I can’t actually react because it’s double meaning , my partners mother is constantly putting down , acting nosey and competitive I could deal with all these things
on till she said something that has broken me.
I recently had a miscarriage, she new this as we told her I was expecting it happened on my birthday. Christmas was around the corner anyway on Christmas I was miserable and feeling down she said to my partners brother and his partner that she couldn’t wait for them to have a child. Infront on me while I’m sitting there. She has no grand kids but I think why say that when I’m currently having a miscarriage as you speak. I’ve distanced myself and I just can’t deal with any more from my partners family. I’ve though was I over reacting am I silly , but from women to women , why at that moment of time say that , she just brought it up out of the blue. I think the 8 years of mental and bitchy remarks has finally took its toll I have always let the comments go over my head but she kicked me while I was down.
My partner knows she’s double meaning but it’s his mom. So he takes up for her and doesn’t really listen to me , they are like a pack of wolves
advise please
In-law smart dig about my miscarriage?
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