Girls, Why do all this?

I had Tried dating this girl who wouldn't commit to me for 2 years. We even went through a period of not talking for about three months because I told her it wasn’t fair that she would question me if I was out with other girls when she had already told me that she could not date at that time. And when I wasn’t giving her attention or-going to see her she tried so hard to get me back into her life. But then when we started sleeping together the same behaviour came out with her saying she did not want to be serious or put a label on things. I always believed she was looking for excuse to cut me out completley without feeling bad for leading me on for so long And find a way to blame me. At the same time I felt if I met some of her friends and they liked me she would feel comfortable to finally give us a chance. When I suggested meeting her friends a week later she went through my phone and got upset I had talk to other girls. 2 months later she had a boyfriend.

So I blocked her and told her we can't talk anymore as i was hurt. I felt it was very convenient out for two years she could not date then two months after she goes to my phone she has a boyfriend. I felt her going through my phone was a ruse to find dirt on me that way she would be free to be with whoever else she was talking to at the time. Because I believe she did not want me to meet any of her friends because she was hiding stuff from me. Either way I blocked her and told her we can’t talk anymore.

Few months later she made a fake Facebook account to message me. But pretended to be an old friend of hers asking me questions about if me and her still talk or tell me stuff about herself. Why would a girl do that? Especially when she never truly wanted me she always had a excuse or reason to not be with me then found an excuse to write me off completely
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It’s just weird how someone to used every excuse to not give it a chance to be with me until she found the ultimate excuse was all of a sudden making fake accounts to message me
Girls, Why do all this?
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