How do I get a second chance?

My girl and I are in a “break” right now. She is going through some things and I’ve kept my distance but we talked today. She said she loved me but was not in love with me and yeah that kind of hurt but I asked if we could ever work through things and she said she wasn’t sure. She strikes me as optimistic about everything but either way I’m going to hold it down and do the right thing like a man should. I told her that as long as I was in her house I was going to live as if she’s still my woman and she kind of made a face when I said that. I asked her if she was single and she said yes I also asked if she was looking into anyone else but got slightly upset about that and said yeah I go to work everyday then hit up the clubs all night and go to work the next day. It was an odd response but I let it go. We still share the same bed and she isn’t avoiding me by any means and she’s being respectful through all of this. She’s the type that keeps to herself and always has. She told me that’s why she is the way she is and I love her for it. She’s very reserved and doesn’t go out ever and is quiet most of the time. I truly love and adore her and want to work things out. She did block me on social media but I don’t care about that anymore. Let me know what I should do.
How do I get a second chance?
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