My husband is cheating on me?

My husband and I are are recently separated but working on things, the other day I had a weird feeling about something and I did go through his phone but when I opened it, he had 2 online dating profiles, one of them we met on, I confronted him about it and he said he didn’t do it, it was him, he was hacked and some of the messages were pretty recent too, he gave his number to pretty much all the girls he hit up, so I had no choice but to drop because he said he didn’t do it but I knew something was up so I made a fake profile on one of the dating profiles he had and he actually messaged the profile, I couldn’t believe it, before I made the profile I told him to delete it or I’m walking, I noticed he did but then when I came back to my parents, right before bed, he made a whole new profile and messaged the fake profile I made again, so not only is he talking to other girls and texting them but he’s been lying this whole time, I plan on setting up and day to hang out but really it will be me to confront me and he can’t deny anything at that point, I don’t know how to feel or what to do because we have a daughter I have to think about because obviously he isn’t thinking of her
My husband is cheating on me?
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