What should I do in this head/ heart battle?

I was in a relationship with a guy who I will say was the first person I actually truly loved. It was good while it lasted as he was very caring and his actions toward me followed his words (making me and my friends dinner, helping me move, meeting my family, helping me clean, thoughtful random gifts etc.) I've never been a big fan of dating people with close opposite sex friendships but I met his closest friend multiple times and his actions didn’t make me question much. I eventually broke things off because it started to bother me. I think both of us knew we just needed time and we’d talk and perhaps start again. Which we did and I laid out boundaries. During the period of time we were broken up (1.5 weeks), we were supposed to go to a waterpark. I ended up going friends and he still went as well. Long story short he ended up sleeping with someone and I didn’t find out until that girl messaged me 2 weeks later after him and I were working on things. Although it wasn’t technically cheating I still felt betrayed and that trust was lost. I broke up completely with him. He has now of course reached out admitting his
mistake, claiming he was wrong and saying that he still loves me. He says he doesn’t want to sway me here nor there but does want me know that it was always real. Of course my heart feels those tugs but I also have a mind.
Somce we’ve been officially broken up I started talking to someone else who has qualities that I’d look for in an eventual spouse and is super sweet and thoughtful (my ex was too). Problem is sometimes when I’m with him I’m still thinking about my ex. I’m just not sure I should continue talking to this guy right now as I’m sorting through things. But part of me is like what if I let him go and never find anyone so great? Should I keep him and cut ties with my completely? Do I need to hear my ex out more? I don't know what to do?
What should I do in this head/ heart battle?
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