How do you stop a toxic relationship cycle?

My ex and I always end up going back to each other. It’s been going on for four years. We breakup for a couple of months and do our own thing, realize we miss each other, get back together, have our honey moon stage, then past issues get brought up and toxic behaviours, and then we breakup again.

We always claim it’s the last time and we mean it at the time, but then we miss each other, like to the point where it’s almost debilitating pain, and then one of us reaches out and we get back together.

How I move on for good? I wish I could just skip the heartache and missing him and just move on. I’m good for a month or two and then all the pain surfaces and I’m at square one.

I spend a lot of time with friends, working and being active, but nothing seems to work.
How do you stop a toxic relationship cycle?
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