Is there anything else I can do other than NC to get my ex back?

So my ex broke up with me in November 2020. He cried a lot and so did I. Said it was the right decision, for now, says he may be some big idiot, all the silly stuff they probably just tell you. Stupidly I stayed in contact with him and we caught up a week later. In January, I was overwhelming him with texts as I was really angry with how things ended. We had a few hour phone calls and he teared up in one of them. I pulled right back after this. So in Feb/March, he was reaching out, initiating that he wanted to catch up/asked how I was/my mother (as she had some surgery) and said it would be nice to catch up and clear the air. I wouldn't respond and he would follow up again. He reached out for a final time and I agreed but then I felt like he just wanted to free himself from guilt, told him that we should only catch up in the future if we both want to be together. Told him that he has a habit of unilaterally choosing whether he wants me in his life. He said there was a bit of truth in wanting to free himself from guilt but thought it would be healthy in general, didn't think it would still be really difficult for me but naturally understood. He wished me all the best and apologised for the hurt he caused me. I told him the next day that I just wanted to have a nice evening with him, I didn't want him to catch up with me just to tell me how sorry he was and told him that I felt nervous when he said he wanted to clear the air. He gave me a really ambiguous last text and almost stood back and thought (or so I thought) and said "Ok, I can understand how it could have caused that. Sorry, it was the furthest from my intention of making you feel that way" I don't know why but it confused me even more, as if I was in his situation, I would have said that and maybe said "Look, you're probably right. I don't think we should catch up so I wish you all the best again" and leave it at that but he sort of leaves the communication open.
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I never responded. I didn't hear anything from him in Feb for my birthday or Easter. In a few weeks, it'll be 3 months since he said that.
Is there anything else I can do other than NC to get my ex back?
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