Is she just crazy or what?

me & my Boyf always had a good relationship while we were together for a year. He was always faithful and was honest. We went long distance for 8 months. 3 months into it I visited him & everything was fine. A few days after I see a girl liking all his pics and I text her and tell her to leave him alone. She claims to be his love but when I asked her for evidence she never sent any. I asked a lot of times for evidence she was with him&would ignore my resquest. I told her to leave him alone and she never messaged me back to say anything. He said that she tried to text him a few times so I moved on & forgot about it. 6 months later I accidently rang her & she replied rudely &said that they went to a hotel in Jan & didn't say much more info. He denied it everyday &I Text her again &she sent an audio saying she slept with him on a Monday in January. I sent it to him& he denied it again. another 2 months of him denying it (even saying we break up because we are not agreeing) I messaged her and she changed her story & said they went to a hotel once a week for a few months mainly on a Saturday which would of been prior to January as she mentioned that they went to the disco together & to the hotel. My boyf would often ring me on way to disco & call me when he got out and he would put me onto his male friend who would also say hello. I sent him the texts. He denied it profusely. I asked her what hotel they went too &after a research i found out that the hotel only opened months after she claimed to be there with him & after I text her. His mam also told me that he never stayed away. I texted the girl by text about changing her story and about the hotel that did not exist when she claimed to be there and she went crazy, calling me names, ringing me repeatedly and told me she would get the police to track me down & then blocked me. I kept asking her to explain the lies but she just kept insulting me. 6 months on & my boyfriend still denies it. What do you make of this girl?
Is she just crazy or what?
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